Poem: Colors and The Hills

"I don't wanna win this game,
if I can't play it my way."

Red. Purple. Green. Blue. 
All these colors, and the thoughts,
They all lead back to you. 

And you're far away...somewhere else.
Not in this city. Not in the place I knew.
Sometimes I stare at the phone,
and think of you.

"I know I gave it to you months ago,
I know you're trying to forget..."

Yet, I still think of you
Even when I shouldn't.
I tried to drown my wrong decisions,
Unfortunately - I couldn't.

"I wonder if she's much like me,
I wonder if she's what you need."

Sometimes, I still think we should've
taken things slow.
Then maybe things would've been different.
Because you never really know.

These colors they throw,
Decorating the skies in puffs of
Red. Purple. Green. Pink. Blue.
Make me think of the times spent with you.

"I'm a pretty impossible lady to be with."
Just like everyone before you,
You gave up. Though a part of you
Perhaps didn't want to.

And I'll bow down to your ego,
I'll bow down - because you never will.
You can go now. You're free.

"You taught me what it was, to feel the pain of love,
To feel like I don't ever want to let somebody else get so close to me again."

I know you are exactly where I needed to be to heal,
To mend my broken heart and learn to love again.
I'm not so scared anymore. Of those colors.

But of you.
Because I know you've changed.
I don't know you at all.
It's okay.

"Just pretend I didn't break your heart."
May the hills,
Heal your broken heart.
Make it whole again.

"But you were f***ing the girl next door,
What you do that for?"

Oh damn, I had forgotten about
Your little confession.
One that sucked all the color out of my life.
For awhile.
But now...I just smile.

Colors and the hills.
The perfect sweetness. The perfect coming together.
Perhaps, the perfect ending.


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