Musings: Cat Café Studio

I have noticed that I don’t blog as often as I would like after moving to Mumbai. You see, in between doing the dishes, cooking my meals, doing my laundry, turning up for work on time, working at said job etc. my own little things gets ignored. While I know I’m busy is the lamest excuse there is on the planet – I also know this – I can manage to get the balance back in my life if I want. (Emphasis on if.)

My flatmate and I had been planning on going to Cat Café Studio in Andheri West for ages but that plan just wasn’t materializing. Until we decided that enough was enough. We needed to put our money where our mouths were. (Metaphorically speaking because paying rent and brokerage kind of makes you go broke by the middle of the month. But working odd jobs sometimes helps you survive in this mad jungle of a city!)

So last Thursday, post-work, I met up with her and we both made our way to the Cat Café Studio. On the way she filled me in about the rules and regulations they have there. You cannot force any cats to sit on your lap, unless the approach you first. There is also a board where the cats’ names are written, with their age and if they are up for adoption. We ordered our food and waited patiently for them to come towards us.

Marilyn finally decided to approach us (because she loves fries and figured out that is what we had ordered!) She finally climbed on to my lap and I was over the moon at having being chosen by this awesome cat, as you can clearly see from my expression here:

I let her sleep on my lap, as I petted her and even posed with her for a bit. She decided to go sit on our table next and oversaw the flatmate pouring out the Chinese Jasmine tea for herself. She didn’t particularly like us because we didn’t let her have any of the human food however.

Axel, the snowy white cat, who had so far been sleeping next to me decided to wake up and take a nap on my lap instead. She and I bonded for a bit as well. 

But nothing compares to the bond shared between Ceil and the flatmate (as is evident from this picture):

If you have had a terrible day at work and you just want someone to remind you that you are loved and you are special, just head over to the Cat Café Studio. It’s not that hard to find. If you are just figuring out the Mumbai public transportation system just take a local train to Andheri, then switch to the metro and get down at Versova. It is a nice walk from the metro station to Cat Café Studio, anyway! And if you have been there before please tell me about your experience there in the comments section below. Thursday evening was one of the nicest experiences I have had in Mumbai so far. Here’s looking forward to more of them.


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