Miss Malini's Mega Haul: Why I Love Blogging

Why I Love Blogging 

"Writing is a struggle against silence."
- Carlos Fuentes 

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I used to blog since 2008. But back then I had no idea how to make the blog appealing to the world...so all my initial blog posts used to be poetry. In fact, I thought people kept separate blogs for short stories, poems, and sometimes even journals...

It was only this year that I realized the actual joy of owning a blog. I discovered why I love blogging and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. True, sometimes my posts become infrequent and sometimes a tide of laziness overpowers me...but, well, I would love to share with you, why blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me.

2012 was my both my personal Heaven and Hell. After the joy of seeing my writing in print, my personal life went through a roller coaster ride in hell...and as the month of December slipped away with its bitter cold, to January, I discovered the joys of blogging. 

Firstly, I saw that I was slowly breaking out of my shell. Before I had been scared to speak out (sometimes I still am), but my blog provided me with the platform to voice my thoughts, my opinions and finally let my say in the matter be heard. Before this, I would only be writing in my journal. Fat lot of good that would do! Because you see, journals are our secret friends. What we scribble in our journals is most often hidden away from the world at large.

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The other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the networking involved. I used to have friends from school and college, and a random friend here and there. Now, thanks to blogging, I have friends all over the country. And sometimes even residing out of the country. It's not always possible to come across people who are as like minded and are on the same page as you...as bloggers, most of us would visit each other's blogs and that would tell us, whether we do think the same way or not. Sometimes being opposites is a good thing. From those who love to write, you can be sure they love to read as well.

What else could one possibly want, other than friends they can discuss the books they've read with? If you're lucky enough, you even might stumble upon your soul sister or even a soul mate, thanks to this wonderful world of blogging.

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Last but not the least, having a blog, and having discovered the joys of blogging, gives me the opportunity to participate in blogger contests such as the one organized by Miss Malini.

Now, isn't that enough reason to simply LOVE blogging?

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This post is written as a part of Miss Malini's MEGA Haul Contest: http://www.missmalini.com/mega-haul/


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