Book Review: ToGetHer: Forever & Always With Best Friends

This review, I'd meant to write it a lot earlier. I remember going to Oxford bookstore in March and picking out this particular copy...and I'd finished it in one go. Somehow I couldn't stop reading till I'd closed the book for good.

Forgive me, if I get the names mixed up, because it was months ago that I'd read the story. But the essence of what, writer Ishita Bhown has tried to convey remained with me.

Firstly, it was refreshing break to see that there are girls in the engineering world. The one who are termed, 'beauty with brains'. (Though they like labeling themselves as geeks. But geeks have undergone a whole new revolution thanks to the likes of Seth Cohen and Sheldon Cooper.) Back to the book now, though.

Ayesha comes into the world of engineering, where very predictably, she feels lost and confused. As time goes by, she settles down, makes friends and even gets a goon on her tail. Personally, I would've enjoyed a bit more fights and trouble between Ayesha and the goon. And my favorite character is the boy who is dubbed by Ayesha in the beginning as Mr. Stupid. As time goes by, she comes to realize Rohan is one of her best friends.

The class division is very well portrayed. Even though I come from an Arts background, the split in the class is something I could identify with. It kind of begs a simple question: why can't we all just be friends?

What I loved the most is, Ishita Bhown didn't have to resort to making her heroine go out with one of the boys. The romantic angle is very sweetly worked. And the funny emotions attached with it are aptly described.

If you like a laugh, and if you've belonged to the engineering college, you would find ToGetHer quite an entertaining read. The tag line: best friends are forever, is something all of us can identify with and all of us will remember. College being the special time of our lives...probably the last chance to make good friends.

The language flows easily and Ishita is successful in pulling off the twists with every chapter. She is one of the best writers of this generation, that I've encountered. And I've no hesitation in recommending her book to everyone. It's worth every rupee that will go into it. Cheers!


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