Poem: I Hate You

I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns,
And I hate you like I would if I found a vermin under my heels.
You with your little "oh I'm sorry, didn't mean to hurt you" gets me so sad.
It's amazing how one little sentence can get me so mad!
I hate you like the world hates the terrorists,
And I hate you like my cat hates the food we put before him.

Enough with the love poems,
The love songs and the stupid things which we believed
Once upon a time made life so beautiful.
Now we know,
That's just the temporary lapse of sanity.

I hate you now because I used to love you once,
I could see it in your eyes...
"I don't have a girlfriend."
Oh yeah? Shut up, jackass. Don't lie.

I led myself into believing I was a vindictive, horrible person...
And then out of the blue,
I found the courage to tell you the truth.
And now the blame's on you.

So go run and hold your new girlfriend's hand,
While sort through all the things you gave me,
And throw them out of the window.

Remember how I kicked you out of my life?
Well, they can follow you out as well.
Who cares about the past, isn't it?
So everything associated with it can go take a hike.

At least I can sleep in peace now,
Knowing that I hate you.
And you deserve every minute of it!


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