This is what Hell feels like....

Five more days to go,
And we'll be even. Two weeks in Hell.
I never thought it would hurt this bad,
Never in my wildest dreams,
Have I imagined to be this sad.
How can you move on,
After throwing my world to the whirlwinds?
How could you go
Breaking my heart, like that?
No matter how many times
The words come tumbling out,
And how many times I squeeze
Out the hate, and loathe from within
How can I deny, there was a time
I'd fallen in love.
The joke, the blame everything
Is finally on me now.
And still somehow,
Despite everything and everyone
Saying otherwise,
Stupid heart refuses to listen.
I was fine, I was doing fine.
Till you came back to say goodbye.
Everything buried, everything I thought
Wouldn't haunt me again,
Came back in an avalanche of memories...
How I wish I could turn back time,
And how you'd never would've stopped being mine.
I wonder why you did come back,
To put me through hell? Really?
I'm getting very comfortable here.
Fading away from life.


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