Time Stamp

Take a good look at the quote, 
Can you understand what it says?
It is quite simple at the first look -
But deep down inside, is another story.
They never told you the catch in the quote,
The loophole in the prayer;
The unspoken 'time stamp' is always there.

The quote makes me laugh now,
Because the tears simply refuse to come.
And I cackle with the laughter of the maniac 
As my mind swims in the kaleidoscope of memories
Which, surprisingly, never haunted me before.
Because I'd felt too sure,
This would never really end. 
I never thought there would be a 'time stamp' 
When it came to us.

Guess I was wrong.
Even Johnny Depp can be at times.
That's why it is so wrong to pick the second person,
Because they'll only repeat what they do to you now.
The joke would always be on you,
So be cautious and love the person you already have.
Never try to second guess your decisions.
Act on your impulse.
You never know when the 'time stamp' 
Would come to haunt you now, right?

If you really love someone, make sure they know.
Because it is a big mistake to let it all go.
It's a myth: they don't ever come back.
How many times will you let your heart break?
How many times will you cry knowing 
It was never meant to be?

It's better to be with a person who loves you,
Than the one who claims to.
Then turns around and shows you the bloody
'Time Stamp'.

Be wiser now, 
Be smarter now.
The scars of the past
Don't need to haunt the future.
Find the present in your present.
The right person will never, never 
Remind you of the freaking 
'Time Stamp'. 


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