Book Review: A Lot Can Happen In Just TEN DAYS...

Azharuddin's Ten Days arrived at my door when I had actually not expected it. I saw the ads on facebook and flipkart, and I even remembered catching glimpses of the book here and there. But I had passed on the book, thinking it would definitely not be my cup of tea, since I am sucker for romance novels. Yet being a complete bookworm I couldn't let the opportunity to read Ten Days pass.

Quite frankly, it is the back cover writing of the book which got me interested to know more about Zeeshan (the protagonist). He's not unlike any other angst wrought guy who feels he has been severely wronged. A lot of us dream of going abroad for further studies, Zeeshan was no exception. He leaves behind his family, his love and his life in order to pursue higher studies...what he hadn't bargained for in the process was the horrific experiences lurking in the shadows of his happy dreams.

The story is set around the time of the attacks on Indian students in Australia, where Zeeshan is caught in the carnage Down Under in Australia.

You would think that the author tried to get a lot ahead of himself with this novel and almost write this off as a cliche, but you couldn't be more surprised. The story is more about Zeeshan's self-discovery, with the backdrop of the Australia attacks.

Azharuddin successfully creates an enigma around his protagonist, and the introduction of Amanda Stewart makes the novel a guaranteed page turner. A beautiful relationships blossoms between the two characters and it is almost with heart wrenching agony, we realize it's a love story that will never materialize...

It indeed is a moving tale of unrequited love. If I were to go on talking about it, I would be given away essential plot details...

So all the answers to the questions that might have popped in your head, are in the pages of Ten Days. I would definitely recommend everyone to read this book. Especially those, who like Zeesha dream of going abroad for further studies...


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