Pujo Special: Kate Beckett v/s Riya Mukherjee

I am bored out of my mind. Rather, I was bored out of my mind yesterday, when I was waiting for my sister to finish with her beauty regime at the parlor, I couldn't help thinking about Castle and Arjun - especially about their leading ladies - Kate Beckett and Riya Mukherjee. The more I thought about these two women, the more I realized how different they are from each other. And then I came up with a bullet list:
    Stana Katic as Kate Beckett
  • Kate heads her NYPD unit, Riya is a newbie to field work.
  • Kate is a trigger happy woman, driven by the mystery of her mother's death. Riya is afraid of shooting people, as she is against violence n taking lives.
  • Riya is more about the talk, with all her research knowledge. Kate makes ppl do all the research for her. Riya is part of the team.
  • The real parallel would actually be between Arjun and Kate, and not Riya. As Riya is portrayed as the stereotypical female placed between males *cough*Arjun*cough* with inflated egos.
  • She is an asset to the team, yet no one realizes that. Shree and Chhotu make fun of her realizing she has developed a crush on Arjun. Shree and Chhotu remind me of Espisito and Ryan, though both Espisito and Ryan contribute more to the cases on hand...
Sana Khan as Riya Mukherjee
What annoys me about Riya, after summing up these main points of difference, they show her a someone trying to quote from her research work to help solve the cases. An article once said Riya's character was based on Castle, the one with all the research up his sleeve...even with all her bookish and paper knowledge, Riya cannot hold a candle to Kate.

Perhaps it's wrong on my part to compare Riya with Kate, but I would love to see Riya emerge strong and prove everyone, especially her beloved Arjun Sir, wrong. I know the character is in its developing stages (and there are rumors about Sana Khan being replaced *prays to God for it to be untrue*), I just hope midway through the series, we find as driven a woman as Kate. Riya Mukherjee has a long way to go... But we're all rooting for our desi hot cop.

Note: Due to Sana Khan's asthma problem and wardrobe issues, the character of Riya Mukherjee was killed in the series. I've never been more disappointed in a serial or in an actress.... Sana shouldn't have taken on a project if she couldn't commit to the schedule. *sighs* Nevermind. I'll let this post stay as a tribute to Riya.
RIP Riya Mukherjee. Our desi hot cop.


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