Book Review: Love Happens Only Once...Agreed :)

I would spend a lot of time on flipkart, wondering which books to buy. Love Happens Only is just life had caught my attention a lot of times, but somehow I never got around to ordering it. On the second day of my exams, I decided to get the book anyway. I thought in the days which would follow after the tiresome examination, I could always pass time by reading. ^_^ And it turned out be an added bonus that I loved every minute of the story.

It starts off from where most teenagers find their stories,the end of school and the beginning of college. That is always the threshold for us, isn't it? The time when we're busy discovering ourselves, when the first person who touches us deeply becomes our one and only love. The protagonist of this book, Rishi, is no exception. 

He knows that he is a flirt and that doesn't stop him from being a jerk. In fact, he is all set for challenges, and his wild ways in the initial pages of the book, had me in splits. Reality check comes in the form of rejection from the only girl he'd truly loved. What follows is his journey to forget this girl, to completely lose himself in his studies and try to rise above every situation. From helping his friend travel halfway across the country, to helping another rob his landlord, the fun never seems to stop for this guy. 

But one day the fun stops, and he is forced to rethink about his own choices. And someone helps him out. Someone, the reader had clearly not expected to be of any use initially. The book manages to spring a huge surprise and bring a smile to the readers' faces. 

It took me two days to finish the book (mostly because I had spent a good part of the day watching Castle), but it proved to be the two most entertaining days of my life. I've never had more fun reading such a cute love story... 

Another thing worth mention is, how well the author knows the opposite sex :P He captured all their minute details so well... ^_^ Especially pleasing was when he mentions how a woman loves to be loved, and adores to be adored. I hope to see another such pleasing, well written story from this author soon. 

P.S. - This book is worth your every paisa. So stop wondering about it, and go buy it NOW!!! :) Trust me, you won't be disappointed.... 


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