Book Review: "Take One More Chance" ~ Really DO!!!

Remember that I'd mentioned I'd be writing book reviews for whatever books took my fancy, some days back? Well, we found our first book :)

Take One More Chance is about man hunting and arranged marriages, challenging the age old societal norms of a girl having to get married as soon as she turns twenty six.

This book caught my fancy quite awhile back in flipkart. But I had placed an order for it just this past week. It finally arrived parceled yesterday, and I happily began reading the book, not expecting it to be what I can tag it as: a complete laugh riot.

From the beginning to the very end, I didn't put the book down till I knew the conclusion drawn by this extremely talented sixteen year old: Shirya Garg. I know this review is a little late in coming since her book came out in the markets, last March. And it's May 2012 already. I'm actually quite surprised that her book didn't catch my notice before!

The leading pair of Take One More Chance, Naina Kashyap and Aditya Khanna are evenly matched. Right from their sarcastic comments, to their petty fights, to their misunderstandings - you are convinced thoroughly, that opposites do attract. One can feel the crackling Chemistry shared between the two, and Shriya manages to fool you, by adding twists, you hadn't predicted.

Though the ending is predictable, the course of the novel is a journey in itself. From the starting point, Naina strikes one as an individual with twisted sense of humor. Aditya plays his part well, turning up at places you would and wouldn't predict.

The other minor characters too are very vividly described, and one can see the whole drama unfold before their eyes.

The gist of the story is that Naina Kashyap has been order to find herself a suitable boy to settle down with. She begins to go out on dates (as per her best friend, Vandana's wishes) and manages to create hilarious situations everywhere she goes!

When I was reading this book, I was painfully reminded of a song by Stacie Orrico, and I couldn't help smiling to myself:

My Mister Right's probably hanging round my window pane,
While I look through only watching the rain.

And in order to understand what the hell those two lines are supposed to mean, I suggest you get yourself a copy of that book. You wouldn't be disappointed.

P.S. - Yes, there are a couple of grammatical errors, but I don't agree with the reviews which claim the author was completely inspired by Jab We Met. True, there are certain glancing references to the movie and the film's protagonist shares his name with this novel's protagonist. Other than that, I fail to see how the situations have been lifted from the movie. Please enlighten me. :)


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