Poem: Now You Know

"Don't talk to me when you're bored.
I don't exist to entertain you."

There's a reason, why I love keeping my distance
From people. 
I don't like it when people come barging into my life,
And make me get used to them.
Because I love living in isolation, 
it becomes hard for me to adapt to new changes.
Or even accept a stranger one.
There's a reason why I don't believe in talking to someone 
Like they are my best friend one day,
And forget all about them the next.
Because people hurt. Everyone knows that.
Except your stupid heart.

There's a reason why we were told to never get 
our hopes up. Even during depths of despair.
Because most of the time, the one person you'd
begin to count on...is almost never there. 

In all these years, the people I've known, 
the people I've loved and the ones I met in passing.
They all showed me the same thing.
People will hurt you. And you still get to decide who 
was worth the pain...

But I'm so tired now, and afraid of getting hurt again.

I've had just about enough, 
And I've fallen prey way too easily too many times.
And now you know, why you can never bring those walls down.
Why you can't ever catch me...even if you chased me to the 
end of this world.

I'm like the sand. I'll slip through your fingers every time.
Now you know, my life doesn't hold a place for you. 
I don't even know who it will eventually belong to.

I'm not going let myself make the same mistakes all over again.
I'll never let myself walk with someone else in the rain.
I really think that I've finally had had enough.

Now you know...I won't let you talk to me just because you got bored.
Sure as hell won't let you into my life because you had nothing better to do...
Now you know, why I am distancing myself from you.


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