Poem: Tug of Love!

A single heart; suspended by a thread 
and thus began the tug of love.
Between the boy and the girl.
When he wanted her; she didn't want him
When he loved her; she was busy chasing another.
When he waited for her - she was head over heels for another.
And then he moved on; and her gaze turned towards him.
Now she wanted him; but he'd already found several others.
When she finally found the love; he spat on the love.
When she waits patiently for him - he's busy sleeping around.
And then when she finally moves away; he comes back.
But not in the same way like he'd done before.
Yet you would still find that they are stuck 
In this lovely tug of love..
The single heart suspended by the string,
Between the boy and girl;
This brilliant cycle where no one is spared of ego.
And the poor heart is the one suffering.
In this tug of love.


  1. Well the poor heart is always the one which suffers...lovely poem :)

  2. yeah... stupid naive heart...

  3. What is, and what could have been,
    All your distant eyes that see.
    You never really look back,
    For all it was meant to be. :)

    1. And how do you know,
      That something didn't simply go wrong,
      And how can you tell,
      To whom each heart belongs? :))

    2. Hearts and songs,
      And our summer days,
      We never know where we belong
      Until we go our separate ways.

    3. And when you do decide to part,
      You'll be pulled back by your stupid heart.
      To the one place you wanted to escape from.
      Back into the arms, where you still you belong.

    4. Belonging is a favoured word,
      The stifled cries, never heard.
      Trying to escape from what you were,
      A lover's smirk caught unaware.

    5. Lover's are fools most of the time,
      They keep saying "you'll always be mine"
      And yet, when they can no longer deal with the trouble and the pain,
      They abandon you - all alone, forever alone in the rain.

  4. Beatbundle
    Wear and tear


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