Poem: Please, don't!

Seriously. Just stop.
With the sweet words,
the cute way you flirt.
With the witty remarks,
And everything that makes
her speechless.

Stop saying things which
makes her heart race,
stop hinting at the future,
or telling her dreams.
Stop feeding the hope
that she has kept in her heart.

Because if you are not going to
catch her,
Please don't make her fall for you.

I've seen too many of them victims,
and too many of them being led on,
Broken down and led astray.
Because they believed everything he said.
They told me they were reading the signs,
and there were strong hints all along.

Then they turn their tear stained faces,
and ask me, "How did I read him so wrong?"
While I wrap my arms around them,
Comfort them and tell them there is a better tomorrow.
I wonder why would anyone do this to someone
They claim to love? Or hint to really, really like.

Please stop making her fall for you,
If you're not going to catch her.

I wonder how you'd like it,
If someone else got your hopes high.
If someone you really liked led you on.
And then left without so much as a goodbye?

Would you like it if someone made you fall
for her,
Without the intention of ever catching you?

So don't tell her your sweet words,
And stop watering the hope in her heart.
You don't know how long it takes for her to forget.
Don't make her do something she would forever regret.

If you really don't have any wishes to catch her,
Let her be.
Don't even think of messing her up, by making her
fall in love with you.


  1. Though, I am a poor reviewer when it comes to poems , having little expertise in the matter of writing poetry, I must say this poem was very powerful.

    PS- You have a knack for writing emotional stuff. Romance certainly flows in your veins :/

    1. I am a romance writer, predominantly :) I love writing about love and relationships, and the feelings we all go through in our lives. Thank you for taking the time out to read this :))


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