Poem: Tonight

I would have been scared to be alone,
Especially on a night like this one.
I would not have gone to the places
where my sleep has fled (tonight).
But that was a long time ago.
And don't you know, I am all right again.
I used to always say things have a way of falling
in place,
Right around the corner, there always is something happier.
And looking at the sweet weather, the lovely gentle breeze...
I have nothing to say to you tonight.
I screamed the words but they fell on deaf ears,
And I tried my best to tell you...
But tonight, I am glad you didn't listen.
Tonight, I am pretty happy to be by myself.
I am not scared, no...not even of the rain.
Because now I know, no matter what happens, 
there is always a way to begin again.


  1. This is perhaps my fave poem by you :)...love the last line...reminds me so much of Shelly's last line from Ode to the west wind...the hope of light at the end of the tunnel...LOVE this <3

    1. Thank you... I am honored :) Writing at nearly 4 in the morning does have its merits :P


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