Poem: Reprising, Remembering (I will never forget...can't forget)

"And if it happens to rain, I will remember you and smile again"

Two years ago, this was the day my life -
changed. Back then, I remember being
almost paralyzed with shock and happiness.
And a voice reprimanding me. And would 
till my sanity almost died. Because I remember
it like it happened yesterday. 
Walking...in that torrential rain.
Together: but alone. Two people briefly together.
When nothing else mattered; except
That kiss in the rain.
Every time the breeze begins to smell sweet
And the cool wind begins to blow;
My mind takes me back to that time and place,
Two years ago. The mad tug of war, 
Still keeps me up at night - despite the
days turning into dust. Stuck in that 
day - though trying to move away.
Because something or the other leads me 
back to you. Can you really be 'just friends' 
with 'someone like you'?
I'm getting tired now and old - and slowly,
my heart is growing cold.
Rolling my eyes at people who claim to 'really'
like me. I've heard this story before.
Don't take me for a fool anymore.
My luck ran dry, a long time ago.
And I wonder if you will ever know -
That I remember you every four of April;
Printed deeply into my mind.
But about that you're never going to find;
Out. I'll bury those feelings far from where
You would be easily be able to see.
And you would think it doesn't even bother me.
Because I'm really, truly tired of being sorry.


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