Poem: Answer & Question

"I wonder who you're loving now,
I'm guessing we won't work this out...
You know what they say, you can't have it 
Till you want it bad.
I'm way past that. Believe me.
If you could be in my life, like you've been on my mind
It'd be so easy.
I know what they say. They say you'd be happier,
Better off without me. 
I'm sure it's hard to see me.
I'm sure you don't believe a word. Cause it's all been said before.
And we're so far from where we were..."
- Skyler Fisk 

...And It rained again today, making me relive that quiet walk, 
 That seemed to have taken place so Many miles away away from reality.
Holding hands, and letting the heart speak Instead of the mind...for a change.
When silence did finally settle down between uS, the bridge closed...
For a second, it seemed aS though the world belonged to you and me.
For a minute, the world seemed to fall awaY...
The only truth then: was the One that I'd been trying to fight.
One where yoU would not be just a shadow of passing time.

But a memory that grows stronger wIth every tick of time, 
When the World stops to care about me, 
You'd still be sOmewhere near.
Just around the damN corner perhaps, waiting to hug me.
Doesn't even matter how little the affection is now, but...
Maybe just to tell mE that you might still love me.
And my dreams would take me away to a thousand diffeRent places, 
I would be trying my best to keep myself from falling, 
Back into those same old Follies, the so-called mistakes.
But mY wayward mind will still insist on looking at the memories again,
It will flash all those memories Of you and me, back in time, in the rain.
When there was no Umbrella for shelter, just us together...
 And the question keeps haunting me throughout the Days and the nights.
Even when I am talking tO you, when you seem so close to me. But still far away.


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