Musing: Things to Remember

We are all trying too hard stay relevant in a world which is completely irrelevant.

We go our whole lives trying to find someone who would love us despite our scars...

We never stop to think the only way to heal those scars is to love ourselves first.

All of us are inherently good people who make mistakes and slip up - and make complete messes.

What we need to remember is that everyone can be saved. No, you don't need a hero to rescue you. You are perfectly capable of being your own hero.

Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to accept you are only human. Learn to see the good in people.

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Realize that not everyone you meet will have the same heart as yours. Try not to be disappointed when you comprehend that there will be people who would not jump puddles for you - even though you've crossed oceans for them.

Don't hold it against them. You don't need to be like them. Don't lose yourself - your values and beliefs because of them. But don't jump oceans for them either. Help them ONLY when they ask for it. There is no value placed on the help that is given without being asked. People normally do not practice gratitude.

You are here for a short period of time. If you want to leave a mark, make sure they are not scars.

You don't need to be remembered widely. Try to be loved deeply. Because when you are gone, all people will remember is how good your heart was.

And if I know you even a little bit, being a good human being with very strong morals has always been more important to you than being rich or famous. Or getting good grades in exams.

You tried your best to be a good friend to everyone who crossed your path. Don't feel bad that some people did not recognize it. In the end, it was their loss - not yours.

You are happy, confident, and funny  -  and people who love you will stay in your life. You don't have to make people stay.

Remember ALWAYS:

If you are important to them, 

they'll find a way to you -

If not;

They'll find an excuse.

If you are trying too hard to remain relevant in an irrelevant world -

I suggest you change the way you look at the world.

You are here for only a limited amount of time. Make it worth your while.

Make the world relevant to you!


  1. Every single line so true !!!!!! love this post ! :D awesome :D

  2. I look forwards to these weekly posts. They make me happy.

    1. And I am so glad that they make you happy. :D It's what keeps me writing ^_^

  3. What a positive post, great going!!


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