Motivational Monday: The Secret Shifters & PETs

It's another Monday again. And I know I've managed to get some of you lovely people to read my blog for these nuggets of positive wisdom. I realized over the last few months that your attitude is the key to your success. While I always encourage people to look for the bright side in things, I cannot deny the fact that we all have moments where all hope seems lost and no amount of chocolate in the world seems enough to make you okay again.

I know that it is impossible to change your feelings with the snap of your fingers. But I have also learned ways to shift my energy from absolutely foul to something with a better frequency. What I use have been dubbed as "The Secret Shifters" by Paul Harrington.

These could be anything: quotes that inspire you, songs that inspire you. Maybe making a list of ten things that you're happy about. A memory that you're particularly fond of. A person you enjoy talking to. A book that you love reading. Perhaps playing with your pets. (It has been proved that people who own pets and spend a considerable amount of time with them, are far more likely to be happy than those who don't.) This is of course not to encourage to go buy pets, shock your families and blame me for it.

Speaking of pets, I thought I should also tell you about the other PETs in our lives: Personal Emotional Trainers (PETs). These are people who come into our lives or are present in our lives to help us understand that life is not what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you. The very first memory I have of coming across such a PET was when I was four years old. I remember the girl's name and her kid self's face is etched deeply into my memory. She'd committed the unforgivable crime of stealing a bar of chocolate my parents had got for me, and making her group of friends (or rather followers share a single piece of toffee). I wondered later on why I'd let her walk all over me like that. I guess I just wanted to be liked. My four-year-old self did not know that she needed to like herself before anyone else could like her.

Finding even one real friend in this world is difficult as it is and because the negative thoughts plagued me, I had more such experiences. I always believed that I should look past people's shortcomings and see the best versions of them - much to my sister and mother's worry, for sometimes people, upon realizing you're nice, begin to take advantage of you. It was with much difficulty and a lot of struggle that I finally realized that being good to people did not mean that you would allow yourself to become their doormat. Realize that you are valuable and if someone cannot see that, show them the door out of your life.

Despite practicing gratitude, and believing in the law of attraction - we still run into people who try our patience and make us grow almost weary. These people are your PETs. They test you to see how much you are able to handle. Remember that it is the pressure that turns the piece of coal into diamond! So graciously accept all the challenging situations they force you to confront in your life.

I know some days it gets too much and all you want to do is stay in bed and cry your eyes out. I know you want to breakdown every once in awhile. And I know how tiresome PETs can actually be. But I also know how strong you are, and when it gets too much, lie down and just listen to the following songs:

Nothing Ever Happens by Rachel Platten 

Begin Again by Rachel Platten 

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson 

Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

Perfect by P!nk 

Vanilla Twilight by Owl City 

Best Day of My Life (Cover) by Vazquez Sounds

And I can guarantee that you're going to be smiling and feeling much better again. You might also think of setting goals which make you jump out of bed. So when the next time someone tries to put you down, shake it off, and say, "Today is going to be the best day of my life."

Until next Monday,
(when I will hopefully put up a post sooner).
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