Motivational Monday: The Break in Faith

Hello Reader,

It is hard to write a motivational post when you're not feeling too inspired. And when I woke up this morning I was not even sure if I'd put up this post today or just skip ahead to next Monday. As the day progressed, I realized that no one going to be there to motivate you all the time. Sometimes you need to be your own hero.

One of the things that helps me get back on track is to remember one particular scene from Arrow, Season 2. When the Arrow falls down and hallucinates his best friend, Tommy, telling him to get up and fight back. If your imagination is not as wild as mine, you could always settle for setting a goal for the day that you look forward to. Indeed, you should always make goals that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

When I began the section of Motivational Monday last week, I asked a friend what she would like to read next. She said that when people embrace and accept the fact that the law of attraction does indeed work - people get excited and thrilled, and they experience beginner's luck. After awhile things begin to go wrong and they begin to lose faith. She wanted to know why that happens, and what she could possibly do to climb out of that place.

Well, I guess one of the first things is to watch your own thoughts. Maybe when you started you were so focused on the end result, you forgot to dwell to much about the how. But as the days go by - it is human nature to rationalize. And once you begin obsessing over the 'how', there is no going back. So the Universe too joins you in your quest to find out the 'how' and as a result, you're stuck. Which ultimately leads to the break in faith.

The other thing that happens is be careful of the company you keep. We say that we are not influenced by others - but the truth is, sometimes when you begin to hang around people who are unable to see the good in things, find faults with everything, and are generally miserable - their negativity tends to rub off on you too. We might have differing opinions and they might scorn this way of thinking. The best thing I've found is to smile and move on to different topics. Don't get into arguments....because that will leave you feeling drained and empty. And once you feel down, the Universe begins to send you more people, places and circumstances that continue to keep you in that negative plane. Please understand that your happiness is in your hands.

But despite our best efforts we all feel down in the dumps. And it is completely normal to feel sad at times. If you happen to realize that your happiness is slipping through your fingers, it is unwise to force yourself to feel happy. Instead, let yourself go. Cry, if you want to. Give yourself time to heal. 
When you begin to feel better, ask yourself what went wrong. What triggered the emotional shift?

If it is a person, think about the person. What did they do or say to make you feel so bad? Reflect on it...then slowly begin to change your vibration. Shrug at it and tell yourself that the thing they said or did is of no importance to you. When someone does something to really irk me, I find it helps to draw a circle and a dot inside the circle. Then I place an arrow next to the dot and write the person/whatever happened there. The circle represents the Universe and the dot, whatever had bothered me. Seeing the diagram makes me remember how insignificant whatever I am upset about really is. Immediately your spirits soar and you feel on top of the world again. 

Other things which help me is to re-watch and re-read The Secret. To write down 10 things I'm happy about. Or listening to really, really happy and upbeat songs. Or watching animated movies. I think I've watched Frozen close to 50 times by now. Because that is one movie that immediately puts me in my happy place. Or go out of your house: for a walk (you can actually walk yourself out of a bad mood), to meet someone who will make you laugh. 

You could even engage in a hobby that brings you peace and works like therapy for you. Writing has always been my go-to hobby. And recently, thanks to the amazing Diptee Raut of Dip-Tea Blogs Here, I have taken up sewing. There's something immensely peaceful about scraps of fabric being brought together to create something totally amazing! 

Making both New Year and Half Year Resolutions help as well. When you make those resolutions write down the reasons for them. Because in case you need reminder, you can go back and see why you started them in the first place. Always be sure to have at least one resolution that makes you look forward to a new day. 

Finally, we are all human. And to have highs and lows is a natural course of our lives. But to constantly be low is NOT what is natural. It is what we tell ourselves over and over again. Remember, we make our own luck. If you wake up tomorrow and decide that you will have a good day, you will. If you decide that it will be a crappy day - guess what? You will have a crappy day. 

Changes don't happen overnight. So for now, did you manage to attract that cup of coffee? I have attracted several cups of coffee since last Monday. And realized that one of my New Year's resolution is working amazingly for me. :) But that's for next Monday. Until then, 



  1. Writing motivational post indeed a tough job. But you are going great !! i love this motivational monday post :D please do write more :) i will always be here to read ;) :D Happiness indeed starts from within and one must not depend on people for same :) love this post :)

    1. Thank you, Sachin. I do plan to keep writing more motivational Monday posts! ^_^ And yes, happiness does start from within <3

  2. Yay! I am so glad that you are keeping at this. I am happier that i get a mention. :P
    Stay happy. <3

    1. Well, meeting you helped. It helped put a lot of things into perspective :D
      And my spirits soared ^_^


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