Motivational Monday: Things To Remember Part 3

Do you remember when you started to write down the things you wanted to achieve? Do you remember making your bucket list?
Well, I cannot help but notice that you’ve stopped checking things off the list.
When did you get so comfortable, living day to day, without any wish of chasing your dreams.
Remember the time you first sat on the plane? The time when you excitedly proclaimed to the world, you’ve love to live in another city someday...

How did you lose your way?

Decide what you want.
Make a plan. And go after it.
Stop thinking about the how, the why and the when.
You were single minded before.
Why would you let something else distract you from your original goals? 
Never let someone else rain on your parade. March to the beat of your own drum.
Remember that putting yourself first isn't selfish. You have one life. 
Make sure you check everything off your bucket list. 

You have only one life.
And if you get caught in the vicious cycle of what is this person going to think,
Or how would that person react.
Because truth be told. This is your life.

And you need to remember it.
Before you forget yourself surrounded by the noise of others.

Chasing your dreams is not selfish.
But the person who gets in your way of doing that. That person is selfish.
Always, always remember that.


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