August 12, 2014

Day 16: Thoughts on Education


My mother always said that the sky is the limit when it came to learning...and I've always believed that. While I agree that bookish knowledge is important - I sincerely believe that teaching yourself all the life skills is also very important. 

I have his mad urge to be self-sufficient. Perhaps that's why I've taken up innumerable hobbies... :) 

I don't like the rote-routine ways in which we're taught in our schools and colleges. It limits creativity. And becomes at the end of the day, a memory test.

I have the highest respect for anyone who has taught herself it an instrument, a skill or simply the ability to see something no one else can.... 

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  1. A path to reach your ultimate goal. Hence choose the path of education sensibly and not just for the sake of it.


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