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January 2013 
Suhasini and I had been friends since the time we both were in school - Dolna Day School that is. She changed schools when we were in class seven...more like changed cities. And even though my thirteen year old self believed we'd become each other's long lost memories in due course of time, our contact never broke...

That was mainly thanks to Suhasini. I must admit she was the one who made regular calls. I was more of the forgetful kind in my teenage years and even though I didn't realize it, I seemed to follow the "out of sight, out of mind policy."

She finally shifted back to Kolkata when we were in class eleven...and since then there has been no looking back.

We'd meet up often, discuss life and talk about "growing up" one day. When I got into Jadavpur University, I can safely say I ended up at her place on most evenings when I didn't like being in college or going back home... One of the reasons which made us meet up as often as we did was "Arjun". No, it isn't some random guy we both developed a crush on. It was the phuckawallah, who made (and still makes) the most amazing phuckas to be found at least here in Kolkata.

Suhasini has always been in love with Bangalore. So much so, that she actually dragged me with her to Eden Gardens to watch a Royal Challengers Bangalore versus Kolkata Knight Riders cricket match. (Oh damn! I still owe you for that ticket, Su! :P Take the money the next time we meet, okay? ;)) What I clearly remember about that day was Suha's red RCB jersey and the dirty looks almost every citizen threw us as we braved the streets of Kolkata. KKR lost that day. And I can only thank my lucky stars that we didn't get beaten up by the crazy crowd...

March 2014
Eventually she shifted to Bangalore for her Masters, and it took quite awhile for the knowledge to come home, that my best friend had actually gone off to chase her dreams. We had already entered the phase of growing up.

I realized we were grown up the day Suhasini called up and announced her decision to pursue a career there in Bangalore. A part of me had always believed she would come back. But another part new, the kind of work she wanted to pursue isn't available here. (Suhasini currently works for PlayRight and she's neck deep into the sports world, just like she always wanted to be.)

Every time she would come down to Kolkata, a night stay at her place would be mandatory. Because even though we'd meet up quite early in the day - our stories just wouldn't stop. Of course these days neither of us have much happening in our lives...but oh yeah, she did manage to develop an on and off crush on her bus conductor. I must say she's really lucky too. Where else would you find a conductor who makes the bus wait until his beloved passenger gets on board?

I hear he even wished her and shook her hand on her birthday. Ahh! Suhasini, I think your life is one happening fairy tale.

Happy Birthday, Suhasini <3
We rarely speak over the phone these days. And it's not because we don't want to...but because in the whole drama of life, sometimes it is a bit too much to pick up the phone and talk about every single detail...sometimes we learn not to take offence to the "last seen at...." update on whatsapp and sometimes we simply spam each other's timelines in order to grab their attention. 

Best friends really do not need to talk to each other every minute of every day. But when they talk to one another, it's like the conversation never ended. That's exactly how I feel about Suhasini and my friendship. 

It's honestly one of a kind. Where lots of people wonder how can these two girls be best friends, when they hardly mention each other in their daily lives? Oh well, truly special things don't need to be flaunted in front of the world, you see! 

I still remember all the conversations we have had about growing up, moving out of the city, finding our calling, settling down...make fun of each other's crushes, saying truly wicked things about each other to each other's faces. Talking about mutual friends and having a laugh about the days gone past... And your massive crush on Sasha! Dude, how did THAT happen?!?! O_o

I didn't know what to get you for your birthday and so in order to be truly unique, this blog post is dedicated to you. You're not just my friend from Bangalore, you idiot. You're more. Much much more. You are the best friend every girl dreams of having. And I'm just lucky to have found you... (Don't let this go to your head, by the way. I'm still going to annoy you about your Shiooooo and your misadventures!) :D 

March 2014 - Happiness is being best friends with you :)
I realized today, we have already grown up so much. The age we kept talking about, has already arrived. Here's wishing you all the best in life and may we always be friends. Love you! <3

P.S. And a song to celebrate us!!! Happy Birthday once again, Suhasini... :D


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