Second Chances

I know that at times,
life becomes difficult...
And there seems to be no other way left.
Than to simply run.
But where's the sense in that?
Because each time you try to runaway -
You come back to the same place again.
Maybe we never understand the extent
of our decisions.
The worth of the people in our lives.
And we simply abuse good things -
Because better ones seem to be always
A little way off...
Twenty one year old and not much idea
about this world.
Yet somehow always finding myself in the wrong.
Never in the right.
Dreams were meant for a peaceful night's sleep.
But life?
Life is much more.
When troubles come, it doesn't mean
it is here to stay.
I know...I just know...
If I'm ever given another chance,
I'll know to make life come around,
turn my way.


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