Annie's Tale

It is not that I loved you less,
But you didn't know -
How I made up a mess.
Of fine things. One day.
I was trying to runaway.
I tried to face my fears,
And your face : it suddenly disappeared.
I am truly sorry, and I know guilt doesn't help.
And even you know yourself,
I have fallen pretty badly for another.
Because life is unfair and full of bothers.
You say you can forgive me and start again.
But you have no idea what happens to me, when it begins to rain.
His face is stuck pretty badly in my head.
Though I keep praying, he would from my memory fade.
tell me now, what should I do?
find a way to start anew?
what good would that possibly bring?
seeing your sweet face would just stop my heart from singing...
Wrench my soul apart,
Because I know I broke your heart.
You cannot always pretend,
Just because I am your best friend -
That I can't make no mistakes.
I know, it's me, it's always me, who just got too late.
even if I do apologize,
the same things, the same emotions wouldn't surface in my eyes.
i know now, why they say, you can never go back...
Because life is actually a one way track.


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