10 Things to do when you’re called a ‘terrible writer’


Grab a bar of chocolate and pour yourself a glass of wine. Because someone calling us a terrible writer will most likely make us spiral into an existential crisis.


You begin to count in your head the number of days you’ve spent perfecting the art that seems to consume your very soul.


You take a sip of the wine, close your eyes, and concentrate on that one voice that told you for the first time – your words are magic. You will make it as a writer.


You open your eyes and grab a bite of that chocolate. It feels delicious. Just like it feels when you stare at the lines you create – the thoughts you transform into words.


You put on music. And you really listen to the words of the song. You know some people write these melodies themselves…while others don’t get credit for their words.


You take another sip of wine. One word has taken root in your head. Terrible writer. You won’t go far if you continue down this path.


The music dies. And you stare blankly. You wonder if you indeed are a terrible, terrible writer. If you really are not a good resource.


Your phone chimes. Texts from your friends. Your family. People who have cheered you on, people who always told you that you’ll make it as a writer.


You smile. You get your laptop out and pull out a fresh word doc. And you close your eyes…and just t    y     p   e


You sigh deeply. They called you a terrible writer. They had called us out for being crazy. Turn their words against them. We already showed them what crazy can do. 

Now, let’s show them what a t  e  r  r  i  b  l  e   w  r  i  t  e   r  can do.



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