10 Disney Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head too Easily!

I remember owning a cassette that had most of the Disney Princess songs. Unlike most people, I did not grow up with Disney. Because Disney channel came to us when we were a lot older. It used to be Cartoon Network and sometimes Nickelodeon for us. But I started watching all the old Disney movies and I realized that most of the songs are catchy as hell. They really get stuck in your head. Here my picks for the 10 Disney Songs that get stuck in your head too easily! 

1. Friend Like Me - Aladdin 

2. Kiss the Girl - Little Mermaid 

3. Let It Go - Frozen 

4. How Far I'll Go - Moana 

5. Under the Sea - Little Mermaid 

6. Reflection - Mulan 

7. Just Can't Wait to be King - The Lion King 

8. That's How You Know - Enchanted 

9. Love Is An Open Door - Frozen 

10. When Will My Life Begin - Tangled 

I am sure that there are other songs from Disney that get easily stuck in your head. Tell me which songs from Disney get stuck in your head! 😊


  1. Let It Go is my all time favorite Disney song. Have you heard "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. This song is very close to my heart.


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