Award: The Versatile Blogger Reveals 10 Things You Don't Know About Her As Yet!

Hello people! :-)

Swarnali of Dreams and Drama, recently gave me a lot of love in the form of The Versatile Blogger Award.

And in order for me to accept this award, I apparently have to write a post revealing 10 things about myself, that you guys don't know.

  • I love Pippo. Although, people who know me already know that. And I will turn a deaf ear to every criticism that comes Pippo's way. (Even if you are just saying things to annoy me!)
  • I will turn 25 this year in September. A landmark age, I'm told it is. 

  • The thought of ever having to wear glasses/contact lenses scare me. I am willing to eat carrots everyday, if they guarantee a good eye sight forever.
  • For some reason, I tend to like guys who wear their wrist watches on their right hands. Ian Harding for one. Really love that guy! :-D
  • I love watching Full House, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Castle, Friends, and Pretty Little Liars. All for very different reasons. 
  • I have actually experienced getting bored to death. I strongly recommend developing a habit of reading, in order to avoid that from ever happening to you.
  • I believe in Magic. "Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." - Roald Dalh
  • I still don't know what being madly in love with someone feels like.
  • I have a membership card of a Beauty Parlor. And the ones who do know me are going to get shocked after reading this. Beauty salons are my least favorite place in the world. I've always had horrifying experiences there. But they make for really funny stories later on. Well, at least my friends laugh.
  • I witnessed a harmless crush turn into a very beautiful friendship.
And those were the 10 things about me, that you didn't know as yet. Now it's between you, me and the rest of the internet. How nice! 

Swarnali, thank you, once again for this award. I love you! <3 


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