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If you knew you'd end up getting hurt, would you still fall in love? Even the most logical, rational person in the world is not going to be aware of the exact time when they do fall in love. It's like they say -

"Between laughing for no reason and making fun of each other, we don't know the exact moment when we fell in love."

I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and I’ve fallen in love (a bit more times than I can count.) Being a romantic person by nature I find it difficult to keep a check on my feelings.

I’ve fallen for fictional characters from books, from movies…from real life. I’ve had crushes too. On friends, on seniors, (never on juniors though :P) On someone I’d randomly met in some long forgotten party. Someone who jumped back into my life after maybe a decade of not being in touch with each other….

Once upon a time I’d found unrequited love to be a very sweet thing…until I faced the predicament not too many years ago. I’ll be honest – loving someone who doesn’t love you back, to say very least, sucks.

All these movies they make on love and romance, they always have the same dominant theme – never give up! You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Newsflash, sweetheart: Sometimes it’s NOT going to happen.

While I do know that you cannot cushion your heart and go through life, I also know how to draw the line. So on this Valentine’s Day, I have learnt the most important lesson there was to be learnt – fall in love, a thousand times over. Yes. But keep yourself in check…a million times more.

I write romance stories in order to make myself believe in happily ever. Yet sometimes, this happily ever after does not need to include some wonderful guy or a girl. Maybe the happy ending would be coming safely to the knowledge that even in the darkest of days, there is someone who will be there for you – YOU.

So, if you don’t have a Valentine today, you’re forgetting the most important person in your life.

You are your own Valentine.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone… J


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    1. Abhishek da's voice is kind of ringing in my ears now... "Aniesha, beware." :D

  2. I see a lot of sighing going on here...anyway...thank you for this, Aniesha ^_^ This one was much needed for hopeless romantics like me who sometimes lose hope on you loads...happy V-day ...mwah :*

    1. I love you too, Swarnali.... <3 mwah.. happy valentines day to you too ^_^
      Also you know I am too full of pep talks ;) :D

  3. This makes me feel good, really good!

  4. This makes me feel good, really good!


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