Creative Time: Name Plates

So lately, I got into the habit of drawing again...and this time, it is name plates...

And as you can see, I didn't finish my whole name... I was merely experimenting then. With sketch pens and color pencils.

Then my friend and fellow blogger, Swarnali, asked me to make her one as well. When I asked her if she realized it was handmade, she replied in the affirmative. I was a bit worried people would think I was generating it from the computer. But I think the mismatched letters are a bit of a giveaway...

I made Swarnali this one, and she was over the moon with it. Currently she's using it as her cover picture and honestly, I feel so honored because of it.

This last name plate I made today, for a friend. Mostly because there is a 'U' in her name, and I wanted to draw the unicorn.

Ah well, I can see that this is steadily growing into one of my hobbies now. I am quite fond of drawing, and making name plates IS a lot of fun. For now, I think I'll hunt for unusual names. 

If you have an unusual name, please feel free to tell me. I would've to try and make a name plate out of it. But in return, you'll have to follow my blog. :P

In other news, guess who just joined the blog world? My mother! If you wish to read her blog, you can do so, here

I hope you all join me in welcoming her back to the blog world. Don't forget to comment!!! 


  1. Nice Creative...But I don't have an Unusual name simply 'Harsha' but I guess it will look very nice in Nameplate.. ;)

    1. Hi Harsha, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :D You'll get your name plate... once you follow my blog and give an email id to where I can mail it to you :)

  2. wow!.. Looking soo cute.These types of the namepltes are also made in metals by the SS Nameplate manufacturer with attractive finihings.


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