A Lot Like Love

I saw her from a distance, twirling around,
with her eyes close...seemed to recall some memory.
I could only hope from a distance it would be about me.
I tiptoed up to her without a sound.

She lightly bumped into me, and opened her eyes.
I could see that the hazel reflected surprise,
But a grin broke out across her face.
She looked pretty in her white sundress.

She took her hand in mine and we broke out in a run,
But I tripped and fell face down,
A giggle from above greeted me, "when will you ever learn?"
I reached out and made her fall into my arms, on the ground.

Our laughter died when our eyes met,
Everything else about the world we did forget.
For hours on end we lay
Noticed not when it turned night from day.

Then just as suddenly she got up and ran off,
And I rolled around in the grass wondering whether I should laugh.
I did not know if I should be sad,
Because for all those hours it was only her who I had.

In those stolen hours she had been only mine,
And smiled realizing she was brighter than sunshine.
In the darkness I lay till the night turned light blue,
Then a voice whispered, "I missed you."

My pretty woman came back again,
Her hair was messed, her dress was in shambles, she looked insane.
But she ran into my arms; and I hugged her tight.
Now realizing how much I had missed her last night.

"What," she whispered in a broken voice, "is this that I feel?,
It pains me, it makes me happy, it makes me think my dreams are real..."
I gently stroked her little head and heard myself say,
"It feels a lot like love, my fay."


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