For A Dear Buddy...

Standing in front of the gates,
laughing with the friends
not caring whether these days will go on
Or whether life will someday end...

Oblivious to the fact
a lot of things are around us
We only have time for
The ones who surround us

And among those few
I'm glad I found a friend like you

With you by my side
It is easier to endure the fights,
the hurt, the stupid pain.
Because I know everything will be all right.

There is a whole new world
waiting for us, out there
But we're so drowned in the thoughts of day
We can't even care!

And I'm sure things are going to be just fine
With a friend like you, life will fall in place with time

You have no idea how you came
In to my life, and changed everything
You taught me to fly
when I didn't even know I had wings...

Reality will hit me hard, I know
when our time together will be gone
But I just want you to know,
I wouldn't have moved on!

Because a friend like you is all I will ever wish for
Even when life closes one way, and opens the second door...


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