Was I Right?

Was I Right?

Was I really waiting for the Prince coming to me?
Was I really hoping for my happily ever after
Or was I only dreaming again???

Did I really take a wrong decision?
Or was I right?

Right to quit waiting for someone;
Someone I thought I was so in love with
For whom I spent so many sleepless nights...

I helped him through thick and thin
Through trouble and pain....

Did I do something wrong again?

My beloved, for whom I had the truest heart
For whom I could have done anything...
Why didn't you say something at the start?

He loved me silently, and he made me wait
Never crossed his mind this thought:

I'm a hopeless romantic, with notions of love
That runs real deep

The last chance is gone, into the shadows
The last hope to be together has faded away
But what remains of my feelings....

Those remains still hurt

It hurts most...because we were so very close
And we had so much that we wanted to say
But....I let you walk away

I will never come to know
What could have been...

'Cause I never realized I was in love with you

Now even for me it's too late to start over
But I did love you all along
And I missed you more than you can imagine

I could never deal with the pain of losing you
There were days I forced myself to smile
I don't know, how I got through those days
Because I missed you so much it hurt me

My heart had shattered, and my wounds refused to heal

But I know I can never tell you what I really feel
'Cause I'm gone, though I'm still yours forever
.....Just not together.....

What is the point of admitting that I could no longer wait?
That I went off accepting this was all fate
I'm sorry...but you were just too late....

It was mind that wanted comfort, not my heart
My heart has always been true
And it has been truest to you

I thought I'd never fall in love
After getting it broken once
Then you came along; and it took a chance

It wasn't a conscious decision

My heart loved you; I just never told it not too

Feelings don't change...
I don't deny it
But I'll try not to let my eyes sparkle
Or smile a special smile for you

I'll forget our special moments;
I'll forget those sweet memories
Forever...I'll wipe them away

Yet...if I do that; I'll be lost in the depths of regret and sorrow

And I'll cease to look forward to a better tomorrow

I love you and I will always love you
A heart can love two
But only to one it will remain most true

And forever and ever,
That person will be you....

May be I'm wrong;
May be I should move on
'Cause things might just go wrong

How can I stay in love with a person,
I call my friend?
Can you even think the pain it causes me?
When I have to pretend, I no longer possess feelings for you?

I'll fight against this....
I'll try and fall out of love
For letting you go...is the only way I can see you happy

I can see hurt written in your eyes
And each time, a little bit of life in them dies

My presence is torture,
I can understand that
My laughter;
That's pain
My face haunts your dreams...

Don't worry, my dear...
Come tomorrow, all this is going to end
I'll suppress my feelings
And once more.....
We'll just be friends...


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