A Rare Moment

It's one of those rare moments,
It's one of those uncommon times,
When I need to switch off my phone
And reflect on the broken life that is mine.

The laughter that echoes around me
With some pain is always entwined
But I manage to put a wonderful curtain over it
And keep that emotion unconditionally mine.

I need to keep quiet and feel the silence
And in the quietness my heart beings to speak
And for a moment, this pillar of strength to other
Becomes just too weak.

No one can understand this feeling,
No one will realize I sometimes fake it
And I laugh too much, burying the sorrow
And I tell myself I'll make it

There are people in this world, dearer to me
And close to my heart - my friends
I just know if one of them calls me up
That time this pain will end.

Oh may be not forever,
But for just now
And that little moment
Will pull me through somehow.

So the momen'ts passed
And so has gone that rare time
I switch my phone back on,
And shut the door over the broken life of mine.


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