WoW: Remembering in the Rain

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.- Bobby Rain. 
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On a Rainy day...I sit next to my window,
and think about us;
But I never think about what went wrong.
We're too old to play blame games,
We're too young to waste our lives in regret.
All I can think about are the happy times 
We spent together. The laughter still echoes,
And all the plans we'd once made comes rushing back to me.
I don't know where you've gone off now,
Because though I know where you are,
You're no longer here with me.

There was always something so peaceful about the rain,
Who knew that a curtain of water could protect us both
From what the world thought about us, 
Even during the times we wanted to run away.
The rain was always my friend. 
I made a mistake, I made an enemy out of it.
I used to blame everything that went astray on the rain.
Now, I know better. It's time to leave it all behind.

Yes, I know. You've moved on. The happiness my company 
Once gave you is gone. It vanished the minute the rain 
And the one second I thought life was supposed to be better
than this adventure.
Rain came back, reminding exactly why this adventure was what
life is about.
I reached out for you hand, but you were already gone.
All I have saved up from back then are the memories. They live on.

I reach out of the window, watching the rain fall against my skin,
I recall the times we both loved the rain. And I smile when I 
remember you quoting, 
"Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain."
And I never bargained for what happened right after that.
It was enough to drive anyone insane. And I am only human.

If I could see you now, hold you hand and smile at you,
I would have told you the same thing, you know.
Would've given you a tight hug and said, 
"I am not trying to make you fall in love... I am just asking you to come with me for a walk in the rain."

Just because I cannot move on, doesn't mean you need to be with me forever.
I'll find my way out, because I sure as hell remembering walking in.
On a rainy day, I sit at the window, watching the drops of rain hit the ground, 
I listen to each them etching their memories, and I remember you.
From a time long ago. Whatever were you thinking, 
I still don't know...

I never did plan to fall in love with you,
But I did.
I never thought the rain could evoke such feelings,
But it always does.

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  1. Beautifully written. It pours out all the emotions contained in this post. Very expressive.Impressive!

    1. Hi,
      thank you for your lovely comment! :) I actually share a love-hate relationship with the rain.. :D

  2. Expressed your emotion very well, ANIESHA.

  3. Read a very emotional poem after a long time.Keep it up. All the best.

  4. This is amazing, Aniesha. You have written it in such a romantic lovely tone :)

    1. Hi Bharati,
      Sorry I had not noticed your comment before. Thank you :)

  5. Sometimes we just get the right words , all sequenced and sewn together neatly , to bring out our genuine emotions, the unadulterated ones.

    This is one such post. :)

  6. <3 i can feel it <3 beautifully penned emotions :)


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