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I remember the 22nd and 23rd of September 2012 all too well. I had been so excited about the Creative Writing Workshop (Advanced) to be conducted by The British Council...I  had registered for the workshop really early, and waited impatiently for that weekend to arrive. The mails we were sent said that the workshop would be conducted by Richa Wahi and Chetan Joshi.

That was where I first met Chetan Joshi, he was one of our mentors in the Creative Writing Workshop. Believe me, I don't remember being so happy in a very long time. That weekend, I realized I would never be happy doing anything else but writing. We were made to go through different exercises...the best one I still believe was the exercise in which we were asked to make up a short story from a picture we were given. If I am not wrong, it was three-two to one picture.

Back then, he had told us to take our short story seriously when we were put through an exercise where we had to pick four random numbers and write a story based on the person, place, thing and genre we got corresponding with the numbers we picked. (My own combination was scientist, library, cigarette and fantasy...and yes, I actually wrote a 2,000 word story on that!) He had said it was because they were planning to inaugurate a publishing house and we just might get a place to showcase our stories.

I had been in touch with him via mail, seeking advice on the short stories I had written. But the mail I received yesterday, had the best news ever!!!

Chetan Joshi's publishing house - LiTreasure Publishers - had finally launched.  I hadn't received such amazing news for a very long time, and believe me when I say it just made me truly happy.

What is more, I know many of my friends and blogger friends have been desperately looking for a chance to get published. And this just might be it for you, guys.... Click here for more details.

And if you want some definite guidelines, please click here.

I hope you guys become as excited as I am about LiTreasure Publishers. Here's wishing all of you good luck in advance. I hope I could help you guys a little on your dream of getting published.

Take care!


  1. Hey, that's such a good news for you. And You are so good to share it with the co-writers. I really appreciate. Thanks so much


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