Musing: Happily Ever After

The Chase

Happily Ever After Just Took Time,
Once Upon This Broken Heart of Mine.
- The Beu Sisters 

Ever since we are little girls we are introduced to Fairy Tales and the concept of the "happily ever after." Every single story told us that no matter the situation, we are all indeed going to end up with a really nice ending. That's why our hearts begin to flutter, our pulse starts to race and there's nothing we can do to suppress the twinkle in our eyes, when we begin to fall in love. 

Ah, love. The brilliant four letter world. The one word which has been so horribly misunderstood, overused and abused. I forget the original quote, but I agree with the whole concept of saying 'love' is nothing but a victim of our expectations. Anyone who claims they have no expectations, is a liar. There's just no two ways about it. When I fall in love, I am very giving and loving and it's not a crime on my part of expect the equal amount of affection and attention in return. Of course, too much of it, could be a bad thing. But I digress...this article is supposed to talk about 'happily ever afters'.

Every one of us have gone through our fair share of teenage crushes, haven't we? And when we're a little older we love the attention someone showers on us. Texting all the time seems to be cute, being on the phone at all odd hours a part of the game....and then once those three magic words are out of your mouth, you'd find yourself, slowly getting taken for granted. And more often than not, we begin to scream and shout, and yell that there is no such thing as a "happily ever after."

Nevertheless, from what I have realized over the past few months, everyone's happy ending is different. We are all different. One should never compare their lives to someone else's. Your story is completely your own. No one can comment on it, no one should be given the space to judge it.

The only reason relationships don't seem to last these days is because we don't put in half the effort to keep the person in our lives, as we'd done to get them...

"If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good." Everything boils down to just that. And as for happily ever afters? Of course they do exist. You just sometimes have to wait a little longer. But trust the Universe, it is coming to you soon enough!


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