Giveaway Winner : TeesTanks

Teestanks in association with Dreams n Drama had arranged their First Giveaway for Mother's Day 

I had entered the free giveaway, seriously never expecting to win. It was such a surprise to see my name listed as one of the Runner-Ups in the Facebook Page run by Dreams n Drama. 

For a long time, I'd my eyes on this particular t-shirt: , and winning the rs 200 voucher coupon kind of made it easier for me to gain access to the t-shirt. 

Of course, the results had been declared way back in the month of May. And I had placed my order in May, but something went wrong. It was a technical glitch first, which told me that my order was STILL PROCESSING, even after having placed the order one week ago. I drove the guys at the "we care" customer service for TeesTanks absolutely crazy....and in the midst of it all, the courier guys lost the first t-shirt!!!

The T-Shirt, along with a bag and a personally handwritten note  

The next one, they sent me through India Post. And it arrived today, safe and sound, (as you can see in the picture on the left), with a note which appreciated my patience. 

The Cute Handwritten Note 
And as you can see from this note, even they were worried about this t-shirt not making its way to me. But I'd fallen pretty badly in love with it, so it just had to come to me!!! 

Thank you, Swarnali & Arpita from Dreams n Drama for organizing this giveaway. And thank you TeesTanks for the giveaway & the t-shirt... 

You can see, how much I love this t-shirt already. It is very comfortable and oh well, for people like me who love living in jeans and t-shirt, it is a really good choice. 

And that's me, wearing my recent favorite tee 

Here's hoping you check out TeesTanks website and make a few purchases of your own!!!


  1. ooh..congrats for your winnings....that t-shirt is really, black being my fav, i was sold just looking at the color


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