Poem: House of Cards

Prompt: "Aphrodite" is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. Using this as the main theme write a poem to celebrate love, beauty and everything else that comes with it.
Make sure to use the word "Aphrodite" somewhere in the poem.

The House of Cards 

Oh Aphrodite,
Are you listening?

To the hearts which are fluttering with newfound love,
To the hearts which are breaking from lost love…
And to those caught between love and loss –
To those who live in the house of cards?

Young hearts throb with happiness
And the innocence of falling in love the first time,
And the old ones have grown weary,
They shake their heads and smile.
But do you take note of the ones living in the house of cards?

You look surprised as you heard the phrase,
You want to know what is that place,
The one we keep referring to over again.
The one most of us have dubbed ‘the house of cards.’

Listen to me then, now, O Goddess of Love,
Not all those who find love get their happily ever after.
Not all those who lose love get their deserved goodbye.
Some are caught between those two places, perhaps forever,
And the call that place the house of cards!

And those of us who dwell here, we saw love in every shade,
From the time of its blooming, to turning into a beautiful union,
We saw it turn several shades darker when the path was made to obsession…
And we all knew that this would only result in death.

Oh, we remember, every minute, every second,
Of each embrace, every kiss raining on our faces…
We remember dancing in the rain; we remember smiling through our tears.
But what we cannot really remember is how we got here.
Stuck in this house of cards!

We know you answer every prayer, you hear us always complain,
You hear us when we gave you heartfelt thanks for our loves,
Yet, you never listen…to this one question which springs to our lips,
Those who lost their loves but they haven’t let go.
Whose loves too, have kept them nearby, unwilling to move:

Living forever in this house of cards…


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