Day 8: 5 Current Goals


  1. Finish my MPhil thesis on time. I already am grappling with some ideas....but I want the academics part of my life to get over soon. I really want to start my journey in the real world. But what that is - don't ask me. I have NO idea.
  2. Write a bestseller. Writing a good book and getting published were yesterday's goals. Now I want to write a story which touches many hearts....and ends up becoming the next National Bestseller.
  3. Only buy books when I'm done reading the already unread pile I have. (Although I have a feeling book addicts like me, make and break this rule 50 times a day!)
  4. Even though I have a rule about being kind to people, because I don't know what their life is all about - I think I'm going to change it a bit. The new rule is: When I am saying 'yes' to someone, I am going to make sure that it, in no ways means that I'm saying 'no' to myself. Sometimes, you need to tell people exactly what you think: because people need to hear it.
  5. Be happy. I realize that's not a goal. But that's exactly what I want to do - just be happy. 


  1. 1. Learn ice skating
    2. Lone vacation
    3. Go cycling around the country
    4. Wear a sexy strapless dress
    5. Own a farmhouse


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