Day 11: 10 Favorite Foods

DAY 11: 10 Favorite Foods 

I am not a foodie at all...but being friends and siblings with people who at least one favorite food has helped me pick up a few dishes that I will like - if not love. A recent conversation between my friends was one where everyone had an item of food they said they would kill for...and I kept thinking and thinking about something I would kill for. Too bad, nothing very concrete came to mind. Anyway - here's my list:

1. Phuckas/Golgappas/Pani Puris - whatever you choose to call it. This tops my list thanks to the crazy sister who insists that this was the best thing ever invented on earth.
2. Doi Maach 

3. Cupcakes (especially the ones I make for the family!) :D

4. Ice-Cream sundaes (especially if someone makes them for me!!)

5. Brownies with ice-cream (homemade version)

6. Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (and I love the version Gauri di makes for us)

7. White Mushroom Sesame Chicken 

8. Doughnuts (especially the ones found in CCD :P)

9. Chicken Rezala 

10. Crispy Chili Baby Corn 

Yes, I food habits are terribly boring. Here's hoping my Knight in Shining armor turns out to be my complete opposite. For one thing, I wouldn't have to mull over the menu - thinking about what to order when we go out to eat. 

By the way my go-to beverage is either lemon iced tea or fresh lime with soda. And rarely, green apple soda. I hardly ever order anything else! ^_^


  1. Loads. But I have three comfort foods - 1. Dark Chocolates. 2. Peanut butter toast. 3. Cold curd with hot rice.


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