Day 5: My Proudest Moment


The obvious choice for this would be the day I got published. But there are so many other things I achieved...and not only getting published fits the bill anymore. It's so easy to get published these days (at least the first time for sure.) 

I was a mess by the time 2012 ended. Only my closest friends will be able to tell you the way I'd completely broken down...and the day I found myself again. I think that, was undoubtedly, a proud moment for me. I had no idea how strong and brave I was - until I being brave and strong were the only options I had left.

It's just pretty safe to say the proudest moment of my life is yet to come. I've had plenty of very proud moments - having the amazing women I have for a mother and a sister - you tend to get a lot of those moments. But no, the proudest one hasn't arrived yet.

The proudest one must be on its way.


  1. Yet to come for me too. But I know what it will be. I just don't wish to jinx it by mentioning it now.


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