Recipe: Simple Way Pizza

A conversation with a friend from the University, made me search high and low for a possible way to make/bake a pizza without the help of an oven. Then I found the best method ever: The Stove Top Pizza.
It really easy a very easy recipe and the pizza turns out well, (no matter how much you expect it to become a roti it defies you: you are going to end with a good looking Pizza!!!)


2 cups of flour (maida) 
2 cups of wheat flour 
2 tablespoon baking soda 
1 tablespoon sugar 
4 tablespoon of olive oil
1 and 1/4th cup mix of water and milk (lukewarm)
Cooking oil 


Add the two flours and salt together, and mix this together. Next, add the baking soda and the sugar. Now, add all these dry ingredients together. 
Add the olive oil, and then the lukewarm mixture of water and milk. Mix all this together till you get the dough. If needed you can add more lukewarm water. You can knead the dough, sprinkling it with flour, to make it very smooth. It should not stick to your hand.  
(I personally recommend applying oil to your hands, and dusting your hands with makes the dough stick less to your hand. Not sticking to you hand at all - is a myth.)
Now keep this dough in a bowl and cover it. Allow it to rise for 15-20 minutes.

Put the frying pan to heat, and heat the oil. 
Divide the dough into equal parts. Take one of these parts and stretch out these parts into nice flat round shapes - the base of your pizza. 

Now put this in the frying pan and let it cook...till it becomes a nice golden brown. There would be bubbles to show you, that your work is done. Flip it over and let it cook the same way. 

Remember to cook this in low to medium heat. 

When the other side is cooked too, flip it over. Now put the toppings: put in the cheese (as much or as little you want), and put the rest of the toppings you've chosen. I'd decided to make a simple topping with baby corn. And instead of the pizza sauce, I had used ready made tomato can do that as well. Or if you want, make the pizza sauce... (I'll put up that recipe when I discover how to make it!)

Put the lid of the frying pan on it, and adjust in a way to keep it a little that it allows the cheese to melt completely. 

Once the cheese is completely melted, you would have your pizza ready. Get it off the frying pan, put it on a plate, add oregano and the red chili flakes (if you don't have them saved from previous pizza deliveries from the stores, you can always buy these from the store!) 

Enjoy your pizza now...


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