Musing: The Year in Review Part II

This post has been long overdue...those who have read the first half of my year in review, wondered what had happened in the following six months of 2013... here's the story now...

The month of July began and I decided that I had just about enough of holidays. I wanted to start working, interning or doing anything...that would stop me from turning into a lazy lump of corruption. From friends I learned that Hope Foundation was taking in volunteers and interns. I became a volunteer to a Hope Coaching Center and you can read about my experiences there here and here.

This was also the month when I attended a wine trail...which was a blogger's event. I met a lot of bloggers and I must say that was a pleasant experience. Both the wine tasting and the fact that the people whose blogs you've been reading, suddenly come alive in front of you. Swarnali, was the one you introduced me to this event.

Swarnali and Me at the Wine Trail 

This was also the month that our MPhil list came out and to my surprise and delight, I saw that I'd got through the program. Finally, life seemed to be coming together (and of course, we'll all encounter people who are more than eager to tear it apart...) Nevertheless, it seemed to be the start of something new...

The Children of Hope Foundation 

Ahh the month of August...that was the month my best friend turned on me. Surprisingly, August was the month of heartbreaks and eyeopening revelations. It was also the month Pippo finally ran away from home... but the good news is, he came back again....

Me, at Mrs Magpie on my Birthday 
Being my birth month, September, had always been my favorite time of the year. While I was determined NOT to celebrate my friends made it very special for me. Taking me out to Mrs. Magpie, meeting me at odd hours, and the best part? I made a lovely new friend on my birthday: Apoorva Srivastava. In a world gone mad, it is difficult to find people who think alike and who love to believe in miracles...I am so glad she found me because there is a certain part of my life, I can never share with anyone else. I can share it with Apoorva because she would understand what I am saying. It feels like I am on the same page as her...
Since my plan was to ignore my birthday, I was surprised when a cake landed at my was sent all the way from Bangalore by my friend Suhasini, with my address nicked by my friend Soumma. I spent the day believing I was going to get a delivery of flowers.

Suhasini's gift all the way from Bangalore 
We slipped into October. And for us, living in Kolkata...October is a month of joy and merry making. With Durga Pujos and (internal examinations), with meet ups with old friends and new ones...the month passed by in a blur. The good things about this month was the way our city seems to pulsate with life. Those who live in Mumbai are probably already used to this. For me, October was a grand month of wearing new clothes, dressing up and showing up at every place I was supposed to go to... Swarnali was my go-to person when I was shopping for my clothes. 


Ahh...November. It was my mother's birthday this month and I forgot to bring a cake for her. So I ended up cooking desserts for a week and thus my interest in baking started. This was also the month when I successfully finished my work with Hope Foundation. This was also the month, Apoorva introduced me to another friend, Nikhil. On the last day of this month, there was also a Coup d'East mini-meet up. 

But it was in December that so many of my wishes began to come true... my Facebook Cover, did ask the month to make them come true. I discovered that celebrating everything in life is happiness in itself. And I've not been as happy as I have been this past month, ever in my life. I re-connected with an old friend, Akanksha, and I met all my other buddies.

I met Benazir...a sweet friend I'd made when I had taken up French classes on 23rd December... and she insisted I take a picture like this:
At Casa's Kitchen with Benazir 

I attended my convocation on 24th December 2013, I bought an android phone a few days prior to the major life event. I spent 24th night with all my school friends and we had a lovely time...came home on Christmas and well, my sister came home. In this month...I've also been in touch with my friends who don't live in Kolkata anymore.... 

My sister's coming home is equivalent to putting her before anything else in my life. That is why I've not been active in any of the social media lately... we are having an amazing time together and I'm looking forward to the last day of the year because I'm going to spend it with her. 

Honestly, how do people who don't have a sister, get through their lives??? 

In conclusion, I think I would say 2013 has been an eye opener of sorts for me. I found out who my true friends are. I learned that I need to let go off a fair few limiting beliefs. I grew as a person, and I grew up too. I am still a little sensitive and I am still a bit short-tempered. But the good of this year has most certainly outweighed the bad. Which means, it is safe to say 2013 has been one heck of a year...

I am going to say goodbye to this year on a very high note. You have been ONE BLESSED year. 

2014, make ALL my wishes come true.... 

Now it's your turn to tell me about your year in review. 


  1. wait for my post tomorrow.. baaki entertainment k liye kripya call karein!!

  2. Aniesha,.You got me, I never saw this coming and it happens to be the best thing thats happened to me in a long time.Thank you <3 and you know I can't be less grateful for having found you. This post is beyond 'ordinary' for sure and what I noticed while going through the entire review is that the 'happy go Lucky' phase is actually gaining momentum now especially in the month of December..Coincidence? ;) :D

  3. That was a great read, thought I was only mentioned once, as a "friend" *rolls eyes*. Now listen to me... My year was a bittersweet one. Sweeter more than bitter (That's my New Year's resolution by the way). This was such a teaching year, taught me about and showed me a side of me I never knew I had. I was patient, strong and well, unbelievably vulnerable and strong at the same time. My first real job, and something I could only dream of. My first pay cheque. My first REAL crush in a long long time... So many firsts. My year would not have been the same without a few people, including you. You- Thanks for being there, being patient with me, understanding that I dont mean to ignore messages or calls. Thanks for being the listening ear. You indeed mean a world to me. (though im just a "friend" from Bangalore, *rolls eyes even more).

    Ok *buzzing out*

  4. I don't know how could I possibly be over looking this beautiful Post, Mia ! Thank you,thank you,thank you, for sharing. May the year 2014 brings more happiness, Peace, & Prosperity, dear Li'le one :)


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