Musing: The Year in Review (Part I)

Warning: This blog post might come across as a "little personal." If you have anything against blogs containing personal writings, please feel free to ignore this post. Those of you who do not have a problem with letting someone write their hearts' out, do go on... 

"Anything is possible, when you believe it."
- Anonymous 

On 1st January 2013, if someone had told me that I would be living through probably one of the best years of my life, I would have laughed at them. 2012 had ended on a very bitter note for life had collapsed, most of my relationships were in turmoil and something in me had simply died. It was an effort to even drag myself out of bed and go through the day. At twenty three, I felt like a hundred year old...with hardly any desire to live. 

January 2013 
January was one of the bitterest months that I've ever lived through. Without the presence of my friends and a very darling like, Pippo, I don't believe I could have even managed to get out of bed and go to University. In fact, I had been trying for some way to escape from Kolkata, since last November 2012. So far, luck had not been on my side. 

This picture on the left had been clicked by a friend of mine, while we worked for CLAI 2013.... Sometimes when I think about January, I cannot believe it was this year. It seems like another lifetime ago. 

I am thankful that during this month my friends (Soumma, Jijo, Suhasini, Soutrik, Pradeepta, Indrani, Rini, Wendrilla, Chiquita to name a few) made it their business to make sure I wasn't feeling terribly lonely. Even though I love being alone, January was perhaps the loneliest point of my life. 

With Jijo and Soumma 

With Indrani and Pradeepta 

With Wendrilla 

With Rini 

But something great happened in January. I met one of my closest friends during this month, and we shot my very first interview. 

13th January 2013

She introduced me to the whole new world of blogging and the perks one gets when they own a blog...

January...sometime...damn, I really did look like a Zombie back then!!! O.o
We slipped into February and the best thing about this month was that I finished writing another story. This time was something closer to home: my story. 

The month of March was really special to me because it acted like my wake up call. I was finally waking up from the lethargy that had taken over my life. Suddenly, I was counting my blessings and found to my utter delight, I wasn't as hopeless as I had initially believed myself to be. Things really began to change now because I began to look forward to a better tomorrow... I discovered The Magic and all too soon it was the month of April our last month as Masters students. (Now it seems so weird that at the beginning of this year we were still pursuing our MA degrees...)

Facebook reminded of something important in the Year in Review: 
20th May 2013 was the best day of my life. It was the day the royalty cheque came for my debut novel. I cannot believe that I'd actually forgotten about that, because that is what had made me laugh out loud and say, "Oh well, life is actually a lovely journey. Isn't it?"

The amount was not much but it was my earning. I felt really good after receiving the cheque and decided to bury a lot of old quarrels. Now that I look back, I don't think that was the brightest of ideas... But anyway, we're only human. We are all allowed to make mistakes. 

The month of May also remains special because that was when IBL (Indian Blogger's League) team was formed. I was/I am part of the East Zone team, Coup d'East

The People I Love the Most from Coup d'East 
There are a lot of members on our little literary group and yet, I am closer to the five people in the above collage. While I haven't met the two lovely ladies on either side of myself, they remain two of the best people in my life. I have met all three of them in the next row and I have been quite surprised that despite living in the same city, I had not known these wonderful people for so long....

Now it was the month of June. Six months into the New Year. We had passed out of MA and now waited with baited breath to know what would our next step be. Instead of worrying about the future, I decided to take a month off for myself. I wouldn't worry about the future, for this one month. I began to blog...write a lot of posts, as it is. Hang out with my friends and surprise, surprise, the person I had decided to never see/meet/talk to again, suddenly wanted to meet up... 

So when I look back the year in review for the first six months, I see myself climbing out of the pit hole, and feeling happier than I ever had before. I didn't know what turn life would take in the next months, but for the first time in my life, I didn't care. 

I was happy. And that was all there was to it. 

(For the fear of this turning into an usually long blog post, I have decided to break it up into two parts. I'll post the next part pretty soon too. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.)


  1. I love you too :) All thanks to IBL I found a cute little sister and friend!

    1. Priyanka diiiiiiiiiii..... where would I be without your constant advises and guidance? ^_^

  2. I love the way you narrate,Mia! Exactly the way we so often have our little tĂȘte a tĂȘte in the morning with a cup of hot tea, or after you are back from your University :) I guess I stopped asking you questions,'cause I know you've outgrown mummy's Nest,ma petite :) Bon Voyage!

    1. I haven't outgrown my mummy's nest... I belong there. I always will.It's my safe haven. My one place of peace. :)

  3. I didn't know I helped you be not lonely. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Good to know. :* :* Can't wait for the next part. :D

    1. You help a lot, Rini :)
      All the time.
      More that you know... :* :*

  4. Love you loads!. And I agree with Priyanka, Thanks to IBL i met you wonderful people. I am extremely glad to have met you, Aniesha. And this is a wonderful post.

    1. Thank you, Diptee di... I keep looking forward to all our conversations... you guys have become such a huge part of my life now ^_^

  5. I had no idea of this. Of course I love you as well, Aniesha! I'm proud to have met you and the rest of the gang. What's more, the friendship has outlasted the contest, which is something we should really be proud of.

    1. I am still waiting for you to officially adopt me, Abhishek da... :) I am glad that our friendship outlasted the contest ^_^
      I look forward to meeting up with you soon :))
      No one had any idea of this... I was lost. IBL helped me find myself...

  6. This post is so cute!! And it is an honour being your friend, mi amor ^_^ Pat my back for me to have come up with that video interview idea :D Meeting you was most definitely one of the best things that happened to me. :)

    1. I wrote a huge comment and it never got posted, damn it :(
      It's amazing being your friend too, Swarnali... <3

  7. Eeee...There's my chhobi.. And that one is right beside you. I lou you jaanu! Also I love you bhary bhary much.. And my sentences begin with conjunctions.. And you are super adorable.. And I bhill write a similar pocht.. And you wrote me a letter.. And yes, we are meeting at Kolkata Book Fair on 8th or 9th Feb!

    1. i love you soooooooooooooo much tooooooo and meeting up definitely!!! :D

  8. I'm glad that we met, that we prolonged the journey that was started in the IBL. And I know, sometimes I can be a little 'disconnected' type - not answering messages, not replying on Whatsapp, not answering mails, not answering to the cat-calls - but hey, I was there when you needed crazy dating tips! And sometimes, that's what counts, doesn't it? (you might want to kill me now, but ask yourself this: would you really want to strike down a charmer such as myself? You can use me to get free samosa from your girlfriends instead!) I'm glad I met you, Diptee di, Abhishek da, e-met Sudeshna and Soumya likewise. Such intellectual people, all.. Whew! :)

    1. Actually, DC, you and I should've met each other way back when we were in XI... had I just stayed on in APS! Sadly that didn't happen...but see? We still met each other all these years later through IBL!!! And "a little disconnected type" is kind of an understatement... (also I don't recall mailing you!) Whatsapp and FB messenger is where I love leaving annoying messages for you ;) Also, I am pretty sure if Pippo called you, you'd answer on the first ring/call!!! :D
      I am not going to kill you (even though you've tempted me badly to do so, on numerous different occasions), and no, I am not letting you meet any of my girlfriends either :P
      Oh, but I do owe you coffee, lab-rat! Let me know whenever you're free.
      I loved meeting you, Diptee di and Abhishek da both in the group meet and individually. I don't know Soumya so well, but I hope I do with time... :))
      Ah yes, us intellectual people. ^_^

      P.S. Thanks for letting the world know I took dating advice from you!!! :P You got one part right - the advice you gave me was COMPLETELY crazy... :D :D :D


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