The Night Safari & The Underwater World

Now I am going to say, my stay here is improving a little. Remember the night safari I had ranted about the last time I had visited this country? We went back there again & this time it was nothing less than brilliant... I mean we followed the leopard trail again, but what we didn't know last time was the fact some of the animals can only be accessed through the tram the elephant, the rhinos, the giraffes, the hippos, the deer....I mean, I will go crazy naming all these animals that I saw yesterday. And even the night show called 'Creatures of the Night' was just AMAZING... :)) I'd missed the last time... It was really amazing... ahh the swishy tailed animals really made my night...and the little otters teaching us about recycling was another very amazing thing... :D I really loved the whole get up.

And today...the dolphin and the sea seal show was really took my breath away, you know... that is worth going to Sentosa... otherwise, it's basically a underwater thingy.... :P I can't write a very detailed post now, being partly down with I'll log out now & get some rest.. write again soon, you guys.


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