I Miss You

It's been five days now,
And I've not heard your voice -
Whispering words to me in the dark,
Or telling that I'm in your heart...

Five days that we have been
In different time zones -
I just can't keep you away from my mind,
I hate being here alone.

I wake up every day to count,
How many more days I have to stay
In this country, that really feels
Too damn far away.

My mind never lets you go,
Your face swims up every now and then
And wonder if you know,
I think of when I'll see you again...

It's just midnight there now,
And edging towards dawn here
Still somehow,
I can't sleep...thinking of you.

It's quite crazy how much
I love you...
And a voice whispers in my head,
Do you love me too?

Are you awake nights on end...
Thinking about how bittersweet life can be?
Or are you sprawled across your bed-
Thinking about how you are free?

Why does my heart feel torn,
And do I feel such pain?
Why does this nagging voice say:
You'll be fine when you see him again???

Whenever I look in the mirror,
I can only see...
Lifeless eyes staring dully
Back at me...

Why have I fallen in love with you so?
I don't know...I just don't know....


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