Jurong Bird Park So Not Revisited :/

Hey guys.... (but hardly any of you read it these days!) Let me just say Singapore the first time seems like an incredible place to be. But the 2nd time, it's like re-watching some lame movie again... x-( I went to the Jurong Bird park yesterday, and not only did I yawn through the first show, I even took a tram ride through the place. Something I wouldn't even dream about during my last stay here.... :P I actually was yawning...so imagine how bored I had been... *sighs* And today I will be going to a cousin's house for dinner...hopefully the food is going to be good. See even my blog would tell you how not enthusiastic I am about my stay this time around...Honestly, I am not coming back around here, till I have enough money to go on a world tour..... signing off to day dreams now..... :D


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