Tied Down

Don't tell me, that this is wrong
and don't raise your eyebrows at me...
Trying to search for the truth beyond the apparent thing
Please don't look at me with those accusatory eyes.

Can you try to understand, please,
that someone like me can never get tied down?
It's not that I cannot love,
But because I love differently.

Would just try once, and say if you really understand me?

A person like me can give you,
more than what you bargained for - unconditional love
a questionless life
and yet we remain miles apart!

Guilt is consuming me from the inside.
Please don't make it worse by the accusing look on your face...
I can only but try; but it would take sometime for mind to erase.
Give me sometime and only then would I get tied down.

I can intertwine myself with you,
Breathe the breaths of air you take in.
Become one with you.

But what I cannot do...

Is to promise, that others would inspire me
And maybe I would have feelings for them too -
Nevertheless, I can assure you.

My love for you is the strongest.
It would survive of us...so let me be
and try to get me.

Until I get tied down.


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