Poem: MUSE

I've always liked keeping my distance from people
and things that fascinate me,
That make me look deep within my own soul
and search for answers, I know might never get...

But these people (and I thank God for bringing them to me)
are sometimes my very reason for happiness.

From a safe way off, I drink in the joy
the sounds of laughter and when their eyes stray towards me
I smile unknowingly
and they, they try to hide their surprise and smile back.

Ah people, the ones who inspire me to write
would you never learn why I love you so?

Yes - I admit it. I have pretty strong feelings for you,
A part of me would always love you more than anyone else does
But at the same time learn to know,
I haven't fallen in love with you.

Can't you understand? You helped me create a beautiful thing,
A lovely piece people like to term "poetry"....

You were the reason why out of my pen flew
so many inspired writing, so many pages got filled in.
They were born from the glimpses I caught of you.
Born from the minutes I spent with you.

I cannot expect you to understand the worth you have in my life,
You wouldn't get it. You would think me to be wrong.

And though my feelings for you would remain strong,
and from my the depths of my heart I apologize, if I've hurt you...
I am bound in the way I see the world,
and in that world you're simply my muse...

My inspiration to create... my personal angel,
Whose one smile could break me into a million words of poetry.


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